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Nov 15, 2012 7:00pm PST
the world in technological development and clean energy and i think it's just right in my state's wheel house. we've led technological revolutions and aerospace with boeing. we've led a revolution in software with microsoft and now we have the siege for a third technological revolution and a whole suite of clean energy and renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in my state. so i think it's exactly what my state was designed to do which is to marry a very strong environmental value system that we have in the state where the -- we're the evergreen state, of course, with an entrepreneurial culture that has valued innovation and has created the policies that are necessary to allow them to blossom and i tell you, it is happening. in fact, i was just walking down the hallway ten minutes ago and one of our economic development team members said that he was talking to this cutting edge transmission technology company that can do really high capacity transmission to reduce the cost of transmitting clean energy. when we're done with this interview, i'm going to try to get him t
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm PST
a lot and rather than spending the money coming out of restructuring on technologies and ways to become more efficient they tripled the ceo's pay and gave bonuses and now they are coming back and asking again for huge concessions. i know the workers have sacrificed and sacrificed and it seems that it is the same thing that is wrong with america greed is taking over on the top end. >> last piece of good news i the to end on, chrysler announced it is investing a quarter of a billion dollarsada -- adding new jobs in michigan. i know you believe michigan is on the rebound after all the pain we have been through. >> without a doubt. being led by the autoindustry and it wouldn't have been there without the president and the work we did in bringing that industry back. >> all right. well, congratulations for your new position and i hope you relish is it and take action and do what you can while you are there to keep the country from going over the cliff and they are lucky to have you. that's representative congressman david curson. >> next of. if we want america to truly come back, then
Nov 19, 2012 9:00pm PST
the iron dome technology and what impact would that have in the region if both sides had interception and maybe missiles not landing in populated areas on either side? >> right. obviously it is all together a good thing to prevent rockets from landing on civilians and towns and homes, but i think the danger is to create a sense of security -- let me be very careful about saying this the danger is having dealt with the threat from rockets, israel and the united states would no longer see a need to deal with the underlying causes of the conflict. >> jennifer: yeah. i want to get to that because i think that's a really really important point, but before we jump to the underlying issues which we will talk about, but could the type of weapon this is because it has been so successful in deterring the kinds of rockets they have coming out of gaza could it stoke the develop of nuclear weapons? >> before we get to the question of nuclear weapons throughout history when you have a weapon someone comes up with a way to defend against the weapon. it's sort of a rock paper, scissor's thing. as soo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)